Facts & figures

The production facility of International Can was constructed in 2015 – as the 5th subsidiary of the MAXIM Group –  in Echternach in Luxembourg on the site of Cosmolux International S.A., over an area of more than 8,000 m². The “Canmatic” production line from Mall + Herlan was installed for the production of high-quality aluminium cans. With an output of up to 12,000 cans/h, a maximum of 60 million cans a year can be produced. The line is equipped with a 9-colour printing mechanism and can produce shaped cans – the line is considered to be one of the most modern facilities in the metal packaging sector anywhere in the world. Aluminium monoblock cans are manufactured for aerosol products – mainly for the personal care / cosmetics sector. The formats have diameters of 35, 45, 50 and 53mm, and heights of 88 to 250 mm. There are collars, round collars, round collars with a groove (gorge), flat collars, flat collars with a groove (transfer), shaped cans, all with a 25.4 mm inch connection.