For the good of the environment

Great importance was attached to environmental and energy efficiency even in the design and construction of International Can’s production facility. This extends from efficient and monitored use of the raw materials employed in the construction of the buildings through to an extensive energy management system and an in-house energy policy.

In addition to a dedicated wastewater treatment plant, a great deal of attention was also paid to a waste gas afterburning facility. The waste gases from afterburning are utilised using heat recovery and fed into the heating circuit. This enables around 135,000 kWh of heat to be saved, especially during the transitional seasons of spring and autumn.

The product

Aerosol products generate, thanks to the use of blowing agents and solvents, only a minimal percentage (0.006 per cent) of the total emissions of gases that have an impact on the climate. Emissions from spray cans are therefore completely insignificant in terms of their environmental impact (greenhouse effect). The pure aluminium slugs which we use already contain 35% recycled material.


Spray cans that have been emptied of their residues can easily be recycled via recycling material collections – so using the yellow containers or yellow bags or containers for lightweight packaging (metals, plastics, composites).

When it comes to recycling, spray cans are separated into their original metal materials – aluminium and tinplate. Aluminium is a pure metal and can be reused without any special pretreatment. Aluminium cans are separated out from the rest of the packaging found in yellow containers and bags with the aid of “eddy-current separators”. The cans are cleaned and finely crushed, melted down and cast, and can then be rolled flat to form metal sheets. Only up to a quarter of the energy required to produce new aluminium is required to melt down the aluminium. 99% of aluminium cans are recyclable. The pure aluminium slugs which we use already contain 35% recycled material. 99% of our products can be recycled for further processing.