Our production – key facts

  • Production line: Canmatic200 from Mall & Herlan.
  • Impact extrusion press, with a pressure of up to 400 tonnes.
  • Pure aluminium slugs with a recycled fraction of around 35%.
  • 9-colour printing mechanism.
  • Flexible multilayer system.
  • Production capacity: up to 12,000 cans per hour, 60 million / year.
  • Production hall: 8,000 m².

Our production – the benefits

  • Our production line is considered to be one of the most modern facilities in the world.
  • All standard market formats and sizes from one source.
  • The special printing process guarantees 99% consistent quality from start to finish.
  • Collaboration with professional international repro agencies guarantees supreme quality when it comes to data processing.
  • The location in the heart of Europe is perfect. All the important customers from Germany, France and the Benelux countries can be reached within a few hours. 
  • Our short set-up times mean we can respond quickly and flexibly to cater for your assignments.